New Harvest Seminars
  New Harvest Seminars is dedicated to developing courses that build life skills, awareness and enrichment in daily living. We will design and conduct seminars for your club, church, shelter, office or agency.
As counselors and educators, we see the human costs of ignorance, poverty, violence, despair and addiction. We believe lifelong learning builds better people, families and communities. Healing begins with will and effort. Change requires investment.
Our intent is to create seminars for adults and teens where each mind is already open to one lesson in life: What we DO makes a difference.
  We provide:  
Certified/Licensed professionals  
Program Design and Presentation  
Brochures, Handouts, Evaluations  
A Selection of Life Skill Topics  
Options to Address Spiritual Themes  
Counseling Referrals/Resources  
Half-day, Full-day, Weekend programs  

Other services available include speakers for meetings, workplace in-service presentations, and CEUs on selected professional trainings.  
  Course Listings  
  Our presentations are designed for the general public at the teen or adult level unless listed under the "Professional Education" category. Some courses may use small-group discussion, audio-visual materials, relaxation or guided-imagery exercises. Instructors will clearly inform attendees that they are free to choose their own level of participation.  
Teens And Singles
TS01 Do I Want You in My Life?  
TS02 Who's in Control Here?  
TS03 Relief or R-E-S-P-E-C-T?  
TS04 How Do I Find Me With You?  
TS05 Assertive Intimacy 101  
TS06 Talk Real, Be Real  
TS07 Get a Life! With Yourself.  
TS08 Good Chemistry Ain't Drugs  
TS09 Identity Crisis: God and Me  
TS10 I'm NOT MAD! Just Hurt  
Coupleship, Family and Friends
CF01 Home Citizenship Skills  
CF02 Loving Discipline  
CF03 Time Outs: Stop, Look and Listen  
CF04 Parent Sanity Savers  
CF05 Assertive Intimacy 201  
CF06 De-Stressing Your Life  
CF07 God's Math: 1+1=1  
CF08 Intimacy Without Sex  
CF09 It's a Male Thing!  
CF10 For Women Only  
Stress and Grief
SG01 Good Stress, Bad Stress  
SG02 Stop the M.O.A.N.S.  
SG03 Stress for Success  
SG04 Suffering: Soul Pain  
SG05 Assertive Intimacy 301  
SG06 Living with Dying  
SG07 Violent or Sudden Death  
SG08 What Now, God!?  
SG09 The Half-Emtpy Glass  
SG10 To Curse or to Cry?  
Victory or Violence
VV01 Staying Between the Lines  
VV02 CoDA: Help, I'm Lost!  
VV03 One for the Road  
VV04 Caution: Addict Aboard  
VV05 Assertive Intimacy 401  
VV06 Blame, Shame & Guilt  
VV07 Make a Handle, Not a Fist  
VV08 Anything After, "NO!"  
VV09 Know Your Choice Points  
VV10 Breaking the Zone: H.A.L.T.  
Professional Education
PT01 Traumatic Stress  
PT02 Loss, Death and Grief  
PT03 Addictions/Interventions  
PT04 Stress and Motivation  
PT05 Positive Communication  
PT06 Spiritual Image  
  We can design a course to fit your needs or meeting topics. For more information on these courses or about other services provided by Personal Development Center Associates, please send us an E-Mail or call us at (818) 503-2144.  
  New Harvest Seminar Presenters  
  Our Clinical Staff is licensed as Marriage and Family Therapists or Clinical Social Workers. Auxiliary staff are ordained, licensed or certified in their fields. Resumes are available on request.  
  Karen L. Kenney, Ph.D., MFT, (MFC25611)
Program coordinator, is a bereavement consultant with expertise in traumatic stress, loss, abuse recover, domestic violence, communications and crisis intervention. Read more about her on our Meet Our Staff page.
  John F. Derenski, M.A. MFT, (MFC14575)
Has expertise in counseling the Deaf, human sexuality, Effective parenting, attention deficit disorder (ADD), intimate coupleship and depression. Read more about him on our Meet Our Staff page.
  Susan Hopper, M.S.W., LCSW, (LCS15025)
Specializes in chronic illness and disability, trauma recovery, grief, life transition, aging issues and stress management. Read more about her on our Meet Our Staff page.
  Pat Moomey, C.A.T.S.
A Certified Addictions Treatment Specialist/Interventionist, teaches loved ones to confront addicts and alcoholics. She speaks on assertiveness, co-dependency, and Christian 12-step recovery. Read more about her on our Meet Our Staff page.
  Rev. Katherine M. Kenney, M.Ed.
An ordained minister, is experienced as a hospital chaplain, educator, and has served 12 years as a medic in the U.S. Air Force. She speaks on suffering, ethics, spirituality, and family grief. She is in further graduate studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.
  Our presenters are available for speaking engagements at conventions, meetings and workplace in-service trainings. Discounted fees are available for non-profit organizations.

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